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Helping small animals find new homes

We have quite a few animals with on going problems such as these.


An old very tatty rabbit was found abandoned.  He was so emaciated and dehydrated that the finder just walked up to him and picked him up.  He has/had mites, significant fur loss, matted very badly as he's long haired, infected ears, infected eyes, was unable to defecate as his whole vent area was caked solid with old faeces.  His upper incisors are missing and his lower ones had grown embedded into his upper gums.   He appeared unable either eat or drink.   However, after 2 hours of cleaning him up on arrival, syringe feeding, trimming teeth, cutting fur and cleaning up varous sores, he is now doing well.   HOMED


cute syrian hamster female, over 2 years old, with a suspicious lump in her groin, but at her age it isn't wise to operate as it doesn't appear to cause her any problems at the moment.


Bump on Head

cute, friendly male syrian, with unknown lump on his head, doesn't cause cause him a problem, and he's easy to handle. HOMED


About 7 months old, long haired curly coat guinea pig has arrived with a head tilt.   She appears fit and well otherwise and lives with others.   It affects her balance only slightly but would be better suited as an indoor guinea pig and not in a hutch with a ramp.  HOMED


Pretty little chocolate otter mini lop, 4 months old, arrived with a significant head tilt, probably caused by E Cuniculi, he has been treated for 4 weeks (and we're continuing this for longer) and is really sweet little boy.   He's due to be neutered and paired up with Little Black Bess. HOMED

Black Bess

A small sort of lop black female, around 5 months old.  Bess arrived with E cuniculi, and has had three months daily treatment with panacur, but still has balance problems.  She's bright and lively and doesn't realise that she is slightly disabled, so need understanding owners that can cope with her dizziness and continue to worm her regularly. HOMED


Aubergine is a gorgeous  neutered male, lionlop, black otter, with quite a lot of hair, but it is easy to keep brushed and combed.  He is very handsome, and delightful to handle.   He will be looking for an experience owner as he needs his incisors trimming regularly - his molars have been checked by the vet and are fine. HOMED


adult golden short haired syrian hamster who has malocclusion of his incisors, so needs to have them trimmed every week.  He is very sweet natured and easy to handle, but needs someone with experience of teeth clipping hamsters. HOMED


A pretty, brown and white, banded syrian hamster, around 9 months old.  She has bitten a couple of times, for no reason, whilst being nicely handled, so we feel she cannot be homed as an average family pet.  So she needs an experience person who can cope with her asbo behaviour. HOMED


A pretty orange roan abyssinian guinea pig, female around 5 months old, was abandoned with about  40 others in woods.    Dora had a badly broken front leg which has fused in a twisted position, so she walks on the outside of her wrist.  It doesn't cause her any problems at all at the moment, but we are looking for an experienced adult indoor home where she can be observed more easily that outside in a hutch. HOMED


A pretty tricolour, agouti, cream and white, female, probably around a year old, has had to have an eye removed due to an injury.   She manages very well, and you wouldn't realised that she is partially sighted.  Sociable and friendly, needs another guinea pig (or two) to live with. HOMED



Ellie, a sweet chinchilla coloured, approx 3yr old, Netherland Dwarf female, spayed.  Has had a severe reaction from E Cuniculi,  and has had a month of nursing to help her eat and drink, and to prop her up with supports, and clean her up.  She has had about 5-6 weeks treatment wit panacur and needs another 2 months.   She's improving all the time, but we feel she'll always be slightly disabled by her head tilt and dizzyness.  So Ellie needs an understanding home with previous rabbit experience. HOMED


Dementia, is a sweet girl, an OAP, harlequin small lop, but a bit strange and we suspect she has a bunny form of alzheimers!   She was found abandoned with a male rabbit, and both showed all the signs of being very old.  Their nails were long, thick and corkscrewed, mammoth amount of wax in their ears, slight hint of cataracts, stiff legs etc.  She has been spayed, and has slightly difficult digestion, so we're looking for an experience rabbit person to give her a retirement home where she can be closely observed and will need to be inside in the winter. HOMED

Geriatric Winter White

Penny is a very sweet, easy to handle, grey winter white, who is about 3 years old.   She has been well cared for by her previous owner, and regrettably given up because of moving house and being unable to take Penny with them. HOMED

French lop female

Big, strong, and bossy.   Steel coloured spayed female French Lop, not easy to handle as she has a bit of 'attitude'.  so needs a confident experienced home.   Definitely requires lots of space and she is very fed up being in a 6' hutch.  She is getting more grumpy as we just cannot get her out of her hutch as often as she needs. HOMED


Elmer  is a small upright eared, biscuit coloured neutered male, about 4 years old.   He is slightly timid, but loves a fuss.   He has had a front leg amputated but is very confident and this doesn't affect his behaviour at all. HOMED


White short haired guinea pig, aged 4 years.  Has been spayed recently due to a malignant tumour in her uterus.  She is recovering from the operation very well, and lives indoors but also has a blood clotting disorder.  looking for a gentle, mature companion to live with.  Our vet doesn't know whether the cancer has spread, but hopes to have removed all of it.  Delightful personality. HOMED


Pistachio is a very full-on dwarf lop neutered male who was found abandoned.   He's a really fun rabbit, and appears very confident, but there is an underlying anxiety and he has been known to suddenly try to bite people.   This is not a big problem as he has no incisors, but just tried to give you a severe gumming.   For this reason, we want to home him to an experienced calm handler, ideally as a house rabbit as he cannot chew or damage anything.    He's  pretty with agouti butterfly markings. HOMED

Twisted leg bunny

January 2011.  A young male, lionhead rabbit, about 10 weeks old has arrived as he has twisted front legs.   This is almost definitely a congenital defect/disease called arthrogryposis which means his condition will deteriorate and usually ends up affecting all 4 limbs and a significantly shortened life.   UPDATE  April - sadly Hutchins passed away, but his short life was as happy as possible whilst looked after by one of our fosterers.   

Guinea pigs

UPDATE -   All now rehomed.

22 October These are some of the 28 guinea pigs that have arrived with skin problems

They will be treated, the males neutered and the females kept until we are sure they are not pregnant before they are looking for homes



Wild Child



Wild Child was taken to a RSPCA hospital with an injured back leg. It was amputated and she was passed to a rescue centre for homing. It was only then discovered that she was wild. She was terrified at first but now rushes to us for a fuss. She will sit still for as long as possible while her head is being rubbed.

She is now ready to find a home. She is spayed and has been living temporally with a gentle old Mini Lop.

she has now found a loving home which is perfect for her needs


Dizzy Rascal


Cute baby with a head tilt. He is now neutered. He has now found a home.

Toothless bunnies

We have  rabbits with incisors removed for malalignment. Steptoe's top incisors were curled round so far they pressed on his tongue and forced his mouth to stay open, then curled upwards and touched the roof of his mouth. He was emaciated and dehydrated as he could not eat. His previous owner was unaware that he was suffering from starvation.  An emergency dash to our vet for fluids, then to be operated on and he was lucky to survive. HOMED



He is a lovely friendly little rabbit. His coat has now improved so he is looking less scruffy.  But is waiting for one further dental operation before he will be ready to find a home Update:  23 July, he has just had another operation to sort out his incisors, and hopefully this will be the last one and he'll soon be ready for rehoming.




Blue magpie dwarf lop, male, approx 8/10 weeks old.  This baby rabbit was abandoned at a garden centre, he has an old injury, resulting in the lower half of one rear leg missing. 

Update 28th Nov:   Tiggi had to have his leg amputated as an emergency yesterday, but is recovering very well,  He was also neutered at the same  time. 

Tiggi has now found a new home

Barclaycard and Visa



These two Netherland Dwarf-cross  brothers first came to us at 5 months old as the result of an accidental litter, caused by a pet shop mis-sexing two babies they sold together.  They almost definitely have the max factor gene as they have typically soft coats and were born with their eyes open, resulting in severe infection.  They also had severe entropion and malocclusion of the incisors.   Sadly their owner had not had any vet treatment so they were in very poor condition  on arrival.    Since then, they have been neutered, both upper and lower eyelids operated on, and their incisors removed.   Their eyes have serious scar tissue, so their vision is very limited (except for one of Barclaycard's eyes).

The boys did go to a home briefly as house rabbits, but unfortunately they just couldn't get the hang of house-training, so were returned.  

UPDATE 26 MAY -  One of our helpers has given them a permanent home.

in a large hutch and run combination which is just perfect for them.

Twisty Top


This 7 month old orange and white dutch female arrived with a serious head tilt.  Her previous owner had treated her with a course of panacur for E Cuniculi.  We have subsequently given her another course for 6 weeks, so  even if  EC was the cause of her problem, she no longer has the active stage of the condition.   Her balance is generally good, just  slightly wobbly when picked up quickly, and she is a sweet natured friendly little rabbit. Twisty Top has now found a home

Amputee rabbits

Percy is about 5-6 years old, neutered male, who was kept in a tiny hutch and he had a severley displaced broken hind leg.He was not taken to a vet and came into rescue about 6 months after the accident, so his leg had fused in a very difficult position which made it almost impossible for him to get around.  He recovered quickly after the leg was amputated, but had a lot of muscle wastage so his movement is restricted, but he copes well and adores his friend Edwina.


Edwina is about 3 years old, neutered female, lionhead who had half her leg, her vent area and tail all bitten off by her mother at birth.  She had to have the remaining part of her hind leg amputated and had a couple of minor ops 'down below' to tidy up the area.   Edwina does need to be cleaned up regularly and so would need an experienced adult home.  She is very mobile and copes extremely well, and adores Percy.   REHOMED