Welcome to GBH Rescue

Helping small animals find new homes

Aims and objectives

GBH Rescue and Rehoming was set up by Jacky Carter in her home in Beckenham, Kent in response to the large number of unwanted pets.

We do have a few long stay animals, usually because of health problems but our aim is to find permanent loving homes.


Our animals

We take in Bunnies, Guinea pigs, Hamsters and chinchillas.

Rats, mice and gerbils can be taken in limited numbers.

Unfortuately there are so many unwanted animals there may be a delay in accepting them.

We do not take degus or ferrets.



Rabbits: our vets neuter all adults to help with bonding and temperament. 

Guinea pigs: adult males are neutered so that they can have one or more female companions. 

Chinchillas: males are neutered if they come in singly or in male and female pair.

We have a strict non-breeding policy as there are so many unwanted animals but often we have babies as their mothers arrive pregnant.

Rehoming Policies


We prefer to home rabbits in pairs or as a partner for an existing bunny. Occasionally a rabbit does not bond easily or can not be bonded because of health problems. Bonding must be done at the speed to suit the individuals, and this can be a few hours or a few weeks.   We do like to meet your bunny to judge how compatible they will be.

All rabbits should be neutered and have both vaccinations. -  Filavac for RVHD-1&2, - Nobivac for Myxi (and VHD1), 

We hope that our rabbits are kept in hutches or cages that suits their size. A 6'x2' double hutch is suitable for most pairs,  with access to a run.  A fox proof exercise area is necessary as rabbits can be very active.

Indoor cages vary as many rabbits only use tham as a litter tray, the less freedom they have, the bigger the cage needs to be.


Guinea pigs

We do not home them to live on their own. They are social animals and are happier with others. We do not home them to live with rabbits.

Males can be in un-neutered pairs if brought up together, it is difficult to bond adult males. Occasionally a pair of boars will fight, if neutered early enough this will stop. A bereaved male can often find a friend again with a very young male but this can not be guaranteed. We arrange for adult males and babies to be neutered as soon as they are big enough to ensure that they will not fight. A neutered male can live with one or many females.

Animal Care

For guinea pig and rabbit care there is good advice on the following Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rehome websites.


Rabbits:  http://www.rabbitrehome.org.uk/rabbitcare.asp

Guinea pigshttp://www.guineapigrehome.org.uk/gp/guineacareindex.asp